Duploc Barulin (2019)

Tânia Carvalho


The other day indeed,
With my shoe,
on the wall,
I killed a centipede
Which was not there at all.
How can that be?
It’s very simple, you see –
Just the beginning of D. T.
When the pink alligator
And the tiger without a head
Begin to take stature
And demanded to be fed,
As I have no shoes
Fit to kill those,
I think I’ll start thinking:
Should I stop drinking?
But it really doesn’t matter…
Am I thinner or fatter
Because this is this?
Would I be wiser or better
If life were other than this is?
No, nothing is right.
Your love might
Make me better than I
Can be or can try.
But we never know
Darling, I don’t know
If the sugar of your heart
Would not turn out candy…
So I let my heart smart
And I drink brandy.
Then the centipede come
Without trouble.
I can see them well.
Or even double.
I’ll see them home
With my shoe,
And, when they all go to hell,
I’ll go too.
Then, on a whole,
I shall be happy indeed,
Because, with a shoe
Real and true,
I shall kill the true centipede ​-
My lost soul!…

Fernando Pessoa

Piano, ecoerhu and voice Tânia Carvalho
Piano André Santos
Music composition Tânia Carvalho
Lyrics Tânia Carvalho, Fernando Pessoa
Technical direction, light design, sound and light operation Anatol Waschke
Production Tânia Carvalho
Executive Production João Guimarães
Artistic Residencies BoCA – Biennial of Contemporary Arts / Estúdios Victor Córdon, Musibéria, O Espaço do Tempo

photo (c) Bruno Simão/BoCA