Dear friends and colleagues

The 7th edition of the Portuguese Platform of Performing Arts, PT 21, will take place this year, only online. From June 20th till July 20th, for one month, you will be able to access in full version, 20 dance, theater and performance works, some of the most exciting pieces created in Portugal during the last two years, selected by a highly skilled jury.

Although we believe that the event could take place in our countryside southern environment, in a quite safe manner, we finally had to accept that the level of uncertainty due to the pandemic did not allow us, the artists, and a great number of programmers, to embark in such a demanding process. Instead, we have invested our resources in helping the artists to film their pieces, involving several video directors in this adventure and adapting our Blackbox and Partner’s Theaters into film studios, in order to enhance as much as possible the presentation of the works. Special thanks to Teatro Nacional D. Maria II as well as TBA Teatro do Bairro Alto, both in Lisbon.

Despite our online program being the oficial PT 21 platform, we will also be organizing a PT 21 LIVE FEST in Montemor, between June 7th and 12th, where we will present live 6 of the selected works, a decision we took thinking of our great audiences, that will be able to experience some of these exciting pieces. Of course you are welcome to attend, and feel free to contact us to help you in any way you need! Some more info will be available shortly.

As programmer, theater or festival director, you just have to register (press the button REGISTER in the menu or in the text), and you will receive a password to watch the PT 21 selection, from June 20th through July 20th, as well as an option to meet the artists in several of the virtual encounters scheduled to take place.

Welcome to the Portuguese Platform of Performing Arts!
Together in 2023, we will again celebrate live in Montemor, the live art!

O Espaço do Tempo Team