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Coexistimos is a collage of metaphors about the challenge of being one and wanting to be many. To be the tiger and the tamer, a sad clown and a fit of laughter, live several bodies, wanting to be the reality of your dreams. Like a wave at sea, going through temporary states and be fully present in each of them. Wandering is an end in itself. Full of forget-me-nots and sweating, singing and dancing, a frenzy so good it feels like magic.

Coexistimos expresses the firm belief that arts are promiscuous and enjoy the company of one another. It has dance, theater, cinema, and manipulation of objects, architecture in movement, and varied artifices that try to create a succession of illusions.

It takes the form of 11 pictures, with languages that seek to remain autonomous and safe from mutual contamination, and which appear as pop-ups, cutting ties with the preceding block and having nothing that anticipates the following one.

It premiered in March 2018, within the scope of Festival Cumplicidades, in Lisbon.

© Raphaël Decoster


INÊS CAMPOS (Porto, Portugal. 1990) Works as an actress, dancer, musician and visual artist. Currently touring her solo Coexistimos (produced by Eira), and performing in MUYTE MAKER by Flora Détraz. Co-created Sublinhar with Marta Cerqueira and was a performer in international touring productions of Cutting Edge by Kalle Nio (2016/2018) and Icosahedron by Tania Carvalho (2011/2018). She is part of the international collective Completed the Superior School of Dance and Fórum Dança PEPPC (2012 Lisbon); L.E.M. at the Jacques Lecoq International Theater School (2013 Paris); Music and Leadership course at Casa da Música (2014 Porto). She teaches music and theater for many comunities in Portugal, France and Belgium and co-founded the band “Sopa de Pedra” (, within which she is a composer, singer and graphic designer.

Concept and Interpretation Inês Campos
Sound Creation Inês Campos, Filipe Fernandes, João Grilo
Creation and Light Operation Inês Campos, Mariana Figueroa
Drawings in Projection Raphaël Decoster
Props & Scenography Inês Campos, Mariana Figueroa, Marta Figueroa
Artistic Advisor Pietro Romani
Promotion and Executive Producer EIRA – Teresa de Brito, Tiago Sgarbi
Suport Teatro do Campo Alegre / Teatro Municipal do Porto, Companhia Instável, Högskolan för scen och musik Göteborg, Teatro de Ferro, deVIR CAPa, Free Flow, Bando dos Gambozinos
Promotional Image Raphaël Decoster
Film Register and editing Cláudia Varejão
Residences Teatro do Campo Alegre, Companhia Instável, Högskolan för scen och musik Göteborg, Teatro de Ferro, deVIR CAPa, Free Flow, Bando dos Gambozinos
Acknowledgements António Campos, Miguel Carneiro, Jorge Soares, JAS, Johannes Hallikas, Maria Lis, Feio, Ni Araújo, Pedro Marques, Tiago Candal, Teia Campos, Tânia Carvalho

Duration 30 minutes
Age Rating M/6
Genre Dance, Objects Theatre

EIRA is a structure supported by the Gouvernement of Portugal / Ministry of Culture/ The Directorate General of Arts

© Raphaël Decoster


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