Trypas Corassão. Tita Maravilha e Cigarra. © Ana Viotti
© Ana Viotti
Trypas Corassão. Tita Maravilha e Cigarra. © Ana Viotti
© Ana Viotti

Tita Maravilha is a groundbreaking Brazilian artist whose transgressive, divergent, provocative and witty works have been blasting the Lisbon underground scene in the last few years. In collaboration with Cigarra, a brazilian DJ and audiovisual artist who played an important role in São Paulo’s effervescent underground scene, they present Trypas-Corassão - A Ópera, a theater-concert which is also a political-artistic-aesthetic project.


Summoning marginal beauty, multiple catharses and overfellings, the sound and visual show offers flavor and noise, feeling and daydreaming. During the execution paths of this meta-work, the artists seek to deconstruct the idea of a final product as their only hope. Precarious anthropophagy of bodies that eat and are eaten. There are so many liters of sound boiled in an electronic cauldron overlapping in layers made live and in color. Our intention is to thrill you. A performance to show that we are alive.


TRYPAS CORASSÃO is a Brazilian duo based in Lisbon, Tita Maravilha and Cigarra, an aesthetic and political project of hybrid creation between electronic music and performance. The body that carries several memories and unmemories of violence and now has the power of change in their hands. Therefore, the unravel of borders, defrontiers, re-borders of genre and expression, through the languages of sound from different borders of Brazil and the world, such as funk to jungle, easy-listening chewing pop, folk local culture, historical samples, the over dramatic and the post-romantic. Urgent bodies of marginalized women and trans fury in a hybrid and sensual proposal, the Brazilian duo brings a live act full of noise and creamy appeals.

Performance, Creation and Scenic and Sound Direction: Tita Maravilha e Cigarra
Invited Musician: Big John
Light Design and Operation: Lui L’Abatte 
Executive Production: Amanda Silva