Teatro Nacional D Maria II

The Teatro Nacional D. Maria II first opened its doors in 1846. The Romantic movement that was then sweeping through Europe led to a sense of urgency to find a model and set up a national repertory theatre. For many years, the D. Maria II was managed by theatre companies, the longest period was that of the Amélia Rey-Colaço / Robles Monteiro Company from 1929 to 1964.

In 1964, the theatre was totally destroyed by a raging fire. The present building was rebuilt in the original Neoclassical style and reopened in 1978.

In 2007, the D. Maria II became a state-owned enterprise. Its organizational structure includes a board of directors and an artistic director, a position that the actor and playwright Tiago Rodrigues has held since 2015. The current project proposes a future under the aegis of the concept of “opening”. Everyone has a place at the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II.

Praça D. Pedro IV
1100-201 Lisboa