SAPO. André de Campos.
© João Catarino
SAPO. André de Campos.
© João Catarino

André de Campos is a strong and virtuous dancer of the Portuguese scene who has recently started to create his own authorial pieces. SAPO is a raw and sophisticated piece where André uses his biography and his unique background as poetic and scenic material in a very unique way.


Sapo: Designation given to anuran amphibians, especially from the Bufonidae family, with rough and dry skin, which reproduce in an aquatic environment and, in the adult stage, have terrestrial habits.

Swallowing Frogs: Enduring a setback without reacting or without showing displeasure.

“And this fear, this threat of death, does not leave me even when I don’t think about it.”

SAPO is an autobiographical performance that crosses dimensions of the creator and interpreter’s life with recent history (1990s to 2010s) on the outskirts of Lisbon. Inspired by cinematographic works such as “Até ver a Luz” by Basil da Cunha, “In Vanda’s Room” by Pedro Costa, “Pixadores” by Amir Escandari and Suely Rolnik, the project addresses themes such as marginality, colonial heritage, economic and social instability and its implications for racial and gender discrimination, as well as urban decentralization.

SAPO takes on marginality and survival, as a honest and sincere speech of a society, of a particular look, which has a very specific place of speech, addressing topics such as ethnic prejudice, social prejudice, social segregation, revolt, insurrection, violence, gypsyism, exoticism, neocolonialism, class prejudice, urban frontiers, centralism.


ANDRÉ DE CAMPOS. Degree in Art History and Dance. Performer in Companhia Olga Roriz since 2015. Worked with, João Galante & Ana Borralho, Miguel Moreira, Bruno Alexandre, André Uerba, André E. Teodósio, Sylvia Rijmer, Diana de Sousa, André Mesquita, Teatro do MAR, WB Motion, Filipe Baptista, Bon Bom, among others. Light Designer in performances of Beatriz Dias, Filipe Baptista, Helena Baronet, Diogo Melo, Violeta Luz and Gaya de Medeiros. Creator of UNDERDOG, MACHINE GOD, TIME LAPSE QUARANTINE and SAPO.  

Concept: André de Campos
Costumes, Scenography e Artistic Counseling: Silvana Ivaldi
Sound Environment, Sound Design and Sound Counseling: Diogo Melo
Script: Bruno Alexandre
Voice: Silvana Ivaldi
Creation Support: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Rua das Gaivotas 6
Residency Support: Cooperativa “A Sacavenense”, Electronic Warfare, Companhia Olga Roriz, Espaço do Tempo
Acknowledgments: Patuá, Sacavém, Insubmissão, IMK, Rebecca Mateus, Rodrigo Duran, António Ferreira
Production: Ahorta Produção Cultural