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One of today’s most pressing issues, discussed around the table by some of the brightest minds in our country, to respond to the exaggerations, the hysteria, the political correctness that seems to be the order of the day and has robbed us so much of our precious time. It has been a great nuisance. But not here. Finally, a conversation with another attitude, without arrogance, without violence, so that we can understand well how the band plays, as it has played until now. Yes, because the problem is not the content of what is being demanded. It is the manner, do you understand? It’s the manner.

“We even want to hear what you have to say, but with that attitude, it seems that you’re really asking for it”.

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Teresa Coutinho (1988) is an actress, creator and playwright.
She created O ETERNO DEBATE (2020), E COMPARAR-TE A UM DIA DE VERÃO? (2018), WAYS OF LOOKING (2017), AGORA EU ERA (2017) a children’s play, INDICAÇÃO PARA SE PERDER (2014) and the micro-performance AMANHÃ À MESMA HORA (2012).
She worked as an actress with Christiane Jatahy, Ricardo Neves-Neves, Rogério de Carvalho, Raquel Castro, among others. As a staging assistant, she worked with Tiago Rodrigues, Faustin Linyekula, Natália Luiza and Beatriz Batarda.
She was responsible, in 2018, for the international tour of the show Ça Ne Se Passe Jamais Comme Prévu by Tiago Rodrigues.
She was also part of Mónica Calle’s assistance team in the show Virgem Doida, in Paris, programmed in the scope of the festival Chantiers d’Europe 2013.
She was selected for the École des Maîtres 2016, edition directed by Christiane Jatahy. She is the coordinator of the ‘Living Poets Club’ at TNDM II.

Creation and text: Teresa Coutinho
Creation support: Lúcia Pires
Cast: Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro, Lúcia Pires, Maria Duarte, Rafael Gomes, Rita Cruz e Tânia Alves
Light design: Carolina Caramelo
Scenography and costumes: Teresa Coutinho
Executive production: Lúcia Pires, Teresa Coutinho
Production assitant: Vítor Alves Brotas

Project co-funded by COMPETE 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

© Filipe Ferreira


It all starts with the preparations for a TV debate, one of those we all are familiar with, with a host and a cast of 3 participants, and a new guest for each new program. This one is about THE TOPIC. The guest tries to speak about THE TOPIC but, although the others agree that THE TOPIC is of utmost importance and that they welcome most of all the plurality of views, their interruptions commenting the new element’s clothes, voice, posture and overall aspect, actually make it impossible. And so it goes, in a crescendo, till the final explosion.  Did I mention that the host and the cast are all women? And that the guest is a man? Ooops.

O Eterno Debate is a bright theatrical gem, a comedy driven by a ferociously intelligent mind, a new voice that sweeps across the audience with unspoken words and ingenious irony, while sharply reflecting over oppressing systems and representation’s inequalities and invisibilities in both theatre, media and general society – Teresa Coutinho, its author and director (and also an actress and poet and activist). Watching this will probably make you cry with laughter. 

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