Info Maniac. André e. Teodósio
© Paulo Pacheco
Info Maniac. André e. Teodósio
© Alípio Padilha
Info Maniac. André e. Teodósio
© Alípio Padilha

André e. Teodósio is a central figure in the Portuguese theater scene and a member of Teatro Praga. He is also an incredible mover and in INFO MANIAC we meet an actor on stage that both talks about himself, revealing everything, while also reveals himself as being everything but himself.


In 2005, André e. Teodósio and J. M. Vieira Mendes met to create a show they called SUPER GORILA. If in 2005, in that performance, an artist asked the audience to help him blow up everything (the room, history, himself, beginnings, middle and ends), in 2021, the same artist is only interested in an unconditional dismantling.

INFO MANIAC is a remembrance in times of Plague, a voyage that goes from the histrionics who performed in Ancient Rome to the sound of the flute, to the quantum knowledge of our present. A one-man-show with a human who is rethinking his figurative entity in a day that contains every day and time.

An actor on stage speaks about himself, revealing everything, and reveals himself to be everything but him! To do so, he resorts to the repertoire of his experiences: poems, choreographies, recipes, stories and magic potions, as well as a kind of retrospective glossary of Teatro Praga’s work.

Moving on in disorder, INFO MANIAC is a guerrilla manual for modern times, it is an excuse for being-in-relation, a performance that thinks about everything in order to give and occupy space and time. And in the secret, we will know that we know nothing, but that the Everything knows everything about us.


ANDRÉ E. TEODÓSIO (b. 1977) attended Conservatório Nacional de Música, ESML and  ESTC . He took part of the theatre company Casa Conveniente and collaborates regularly with Cão Solteiro. Besides the works developed with Teatro Praga, he directed the performances Três mulheres, Diário de um louco, Super-Gorila and Supernova, co-created with José Maria Vieira Mendes and André Godinho, Shhhhhhhow, Susana Pomba (um mito urbano) and Paula Sá Nogueira (um bestiário). He staged the operas Metanoite (João Madureira), Outro Fim (António Pinho Vargas), Blue Monday (George Gershwin), Gianni Schicchi (Giacomo Puccini), and Émilie (Kaija Saariaho), together with the artist Vasco Araújo. He is also co-author of the dance piece Perda Preciosa, performed by CNB (Awarded Best Dance Piece by SPA). He writes regularly for several publications. He also records and collaborates with artists of different fields such as cinema, literature, visual arts and dance. His works have been presented worldwide.

Creation: André e. Teodósio e José Maria Vieira Mendes
Performer: André e. Teodósio
Installation: Bruno Bogarim
Costumes: Teatro Praga
Light Design: Daniel Worm d’Assumpção
Soundscape: Miguel Lucas Mendes
Promotional Photography: Carlos Pinto
Scene Photography: Paulo Pacheco
Production: Teatro Praga
Production Director: Marisa F, Falcón
Executive Production: Rita Pessoa
Artistic Support: O Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo
Support: Polo Cultural das Gaivotas | Boavista / Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Coproduction: A Oficina, CCB e Teatro Viriato
Communication: Afonso Matos
Thanks to Ana Tang,, Joana Barrios, Paula Sá Nogueira, Pedro Faro, Rita, Rui Horta