I'm Still Excited!, Mário Coelho.
© Alípio Padilha
I'm Still Excited!, Mário Coelho.
© Alípio Padilha

Mário Coelho is one of the most talented and prolific artists of the newest generation of Portuguese theater makers. His works are usually fast, intense, loud, vibrant, and full of rich and complex dramaturgical operations. He is also known for working continuously with several extraordinarily talented and energetic actors from the most recent generation of Portuguese actors.


A story of “boy meets girl” and “girl meets boy”, I’M STILL EXCITED! discusses the end of a relation between two people with a party as background that also happens to be a theatre rehearsal. To say anything else could ruin the surprise. You’re invited to celebrate the anniversary of the Still Body, that is to say Her, that is to say Rita. Bring food or gifts, and I may shed a tear at the end of the evening. Or not. It’s my party, and I’ll do what I want. — Mário Coelho  


MÁRIO COELHO joined the degree in theatre – acting at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School in 2012. Among his creations, he highlights É Difícil para Mim Dançar! (It’s Hard for Me to Dance), Teatro da Politécnica, Fuck Me Gently!, Rua das Gaivotas 6/ CCB, and Lisbon Sisters, CCB. In 2021, he was the lucky winner of the AGEAS / TDNDMII New Talent Award. In 2022, he premiered his latest creation, Se te portares bem, vamos ao McDonald’s! (If you Behave, We’ll Go to McDonalds!), co-produced by Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA).

Written and directed by: Mário Coelho 
With: Anabela Ribeiro, Mário Coelho, Rita Rocha Silva, Pedro Baptista
Lighting design: Mário Coelho
Creative assistant: Mariana Guarda
Video: Mário Coelho, Silvestre Correia