.G Rito. Piny. © Pedro Jafuno
© Pedro Jafuno
.G Rito. Piny. © Pedro Jafuno
© Pedro Jafuno
.G Rito. Piny. © Pedro Jafuno
© Pedro Jafuno

Piny is currently one of the most daring and potent artists working in the Portuguese contemporary dance scene. With a wide range of influences in her work, such as architecture, set design, clubbing or urban, african and oriental dances, she is known for her challenging and provocative approach to ideas such as the decolonization of the female body, erotism, desire, pleasure and pain.


Our ancestry is future and present, and we are many bodies in dense, intense, erotic, fraternal relationships.

There is an annulment of linear time, of concrete space, and this cry takes place in a misaligned but precise narrative, with the geographies of our past and future histories. They are our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers and ourselves, daughters of a story that has to be rewritten, because whoever told it didn’t have the truth, only the power. These bodies are politicians, they celebrate, desire, rebel, love, protest. They are working bodies, violent bodies, poetic bodies, pleasure bodies. Bodies that are not conformed and formatted. This is such an ancient time that we still haven’t found it ahead.


PINY was born in Lisbon to Angolan parents. She began studying Middle Eastern dances in 1999 and turned her focus to Hip Hop culture beginning in 2003. She holds degrees in Architecture and Dance. In 2012, she formed the Orchidaceae collective, bringing together street dance, clubbing, contemporary dance and fusion belly dance. In contemporary dance, she has worked with Filipa Francisco, Tiago Guedes, Victor Hugo Pontes, Ricardo Ambrózio, Tânia Carvalho, Cristina Planas Leitão, and Marco da Silva Ferreira. Recent choreography and creation highlights include Periférico by Vhils for the BoCA Bienal and a 2019 solo, HIP. a pussy point of view. She is currently developing a group piece, .G Rito. She has taught dance classes and workshops since 2006 (internationally, since 2014), which allows her to keep learning. She believes in many things that can’t be seen and other things.

Concept, choreography and artistic direction: Piny
Interpretation and co-creation of movement: Adrielle ‘Nala’, Aina Lanas, Catarina Ribeiro, Leo, Lúcia Afonso, Piny, Carincur, Carolina Caramelo (Julianne Casabalis, Maria Antunes, Monaxi and Vânia Doutel Vaz in Residencies)
Sound design, voice and live act: Carincur
Light design: Carolina Caramelo
Costumes: Louise L’Amour & Veronique Divine, Piny
Co-production: Teatro Municipal do Porto / DDD – Festival Dias da Dança, Centro Cultural de Belém
Support: Rita Soeiro, DGartes, Bolsa O Espaço do Tempo e La Caixa
Artistic Residencies: Teatro Municipal do Porto – Teatro do Campo Alegre
O Espaço do Tempo
Espaço Alkantara
Estúdios Victor Cordon – Residências Artísticas
Production: Joana Costa Santos