Echoes from a Liquid Memory. Carincur.
© Patrícia Faustino
Echoes from a Liquid Memory. Carincur.
© Patrícia Faustino
Echoes from a Liquid Memory. Carincur.
© João Pedro Fonseca

Carincur is one of the most recent names on the Lisbon art scene, whose work is known for crossing different fields such as performance, sound, digital and visual arts. With an appealing language and a singular approach to her working materials, Carincur often creates sensorial and immersive pieces.


ECHOS FROM A LIQUID MEMORY, by carincur, comes from a transdisciplinary piece that crosses performance, concert and audiovisual installation, simultaneously exploring visual, sound and digital arts. The musical composition is taken to the limits of its possibilities, through manipulation and processing of submerged and propagated digital sound and image through water. This action creates a new universe, a new ecosystem, where interactions of organic and non-organic matter create changes in the environment, while physical and digital coexist in an abstract narrative, between a liquid fragmented memory and the perception of ourselves projected in time and space.

This piece focus on the fragmentation of memory, space, time and, consequently, it reflects the volatile memory of the human being’s existence. In order to do this, it was necessary to create an instrument – an acrylic water tank combined with hydrophones – that made the exploration of subaquatic sounds possible. This is an immersive experience where water refers to the liquidity of memory and, consequently, to identity. Still, it is the culmination of the artist’s long journey, who has been through several experiences with the prototype of this project in various spaces in Lisbon.


CARINCUR is a transdisciplinary artist living in Almada, Portugal. With a background in Visual Arts, Music and Theater as training, develops work in the area of creation, production, Art Direction and Curatorship. Artistically, develops work with an exploratory nature, configuring itself in hybrid formats between performance, electronic and experimental music, audiovisual installations, sound sculptures and electroacoustic instruments, among others. In recent years, she has investigated and developed her practice and research as a dynamic event through symbolic experiences that bend the socio-technical fabrics where the image of the normative human is woven in a hybrid work with technology. Going through themes such as fiction/reality, electronic/organic and human subjectivity and using the space/body/voice/machine as the main plastic materials, explores acoustic phenomena, auditory and visual perception, the voice as a synthesis device, the humanoid vocal capacity and the creation of post-human voices, used to understand the transitions between organic and electronic bodies, where any new additions of “external” technology are seen as extensions of the body.

Artistic Direction: carincur
Sound composition and Performance: carincur
Audiovisual installation: João Pedro Fonseca and carincur
Light Design: João Pedro Fonseca
Organization: ZigurArtists
Production: Pipsy Roque
Sound Technician: André Teixeira
Support: Acrilfer, desvio, MONO Lisboa, ZABRA
Institutional Partner: República Portuguesa e Ministério da Cultura