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Jonas&Lander new creation is entitled BATE FADO, a hybrid performance, between dance and a music concert designed for five dancers, a fado singer and four musicians. Like most of urban musical movements, such as Samba or Flamenco, also Fado had its own dances. In Lisbon, the dance with major expression was Fado Batido, a dance inspired in an energetic and virtuous tap dance. In BATE FADO, Jonas&Lander purpose to reinterpret and to recover the act of hitting (tapping) Fado, where dance emanates the quality of a percussion instrument in dialogue with the voice and the guitars. BATE FADO reveals as the first step to recover the dance that Fado lost.

© Inês Sambas


Jonas and Lander have been contributing to each other’s imaginary since the beginning of their colaboration in 2011. They stand out with Cascas d’Ovo, the project that took them to several national and international venues. In 2014 and 2017 they were distinguished as “Aerowaves Priority Company”. In 2018, they focus on Lento e Largo, a performance co-produced by Rede 5 Sentidos, Teatro do Bairro Alto and Teatro Freiburg (AL), nominated by SPA for the Best Choreography category of 2019. 

Artistic Direction and Choreography Jonas&Lander
Research Jonas, Lander Patrick
Cast Catarina Campos, Jonas, Lander Patrick, Lewis Seivwright and Melissa Sousa
Bass Yami Aloelela
Guitar Tiago Valentim
1st Portuguese Guitar Acácio Barbosa
2nd Portuguese Guitar António Duarte Martins
Voice Jonas
Musical Composition Jonas&Lander
Technical Direction and Sound Design Filipe Peres
Lighting Design Rui Daniel
Scenography Rita Torrão
Special Effects Vítor Estudante
Costume Design Fábio Rocha de Carvalho and Jonas
Production and Managing Direction Patrícia Soares
Coordination Support Filipe Metelo
Executive Production Inês Le Gué

Production House Sinistra Cultural Association
Co-production Centro Cultural de Belém, Cine-Teatro Avenida, Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Theater Freiburg
Co-production Residency O Espaço do Tempo
Creation Support Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Estúdios Victor Córdon / OPART, Pro.dança
Research Support Casa-Museu Leal da Câmara, LIPA – Laboratório de Investigação de Práticas Artísticas of Universidade de Coimbra and Museu Bordalo Pinheiro
Discography Valentim de Carvalho

Project supported by the Portuguese Republic – Culture I DGARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes

© Inês Sambas


Jonas&Lander are a creative collective working together for the last 10 years in the field of contemporary dance. Using a strong and inventive movement language, their work has always an holistic stage aproach with an inventive use of space, lights and unusual props. Their last production, Lento e Largo, influenced by the work of Hieronymous Bosch, used robots, drones and human performers to create an atmosphere of apocalypse, a fictional universe where bodies explore the limits comunication, inserted in an aquatic and surreal space, confirming their break through as real innovators in the Portuguese choreographic scene. This new work, Bate Fado, is a journey into the traditional Portuguese fado music and an investigation on the movement that once was associated with this genre of singing and playing, but has disappeared during the last century. Jonas, a very talented fado singer himself, and Lander, an outstanding dancer, assembled for this project an excellent group of musicians and dancers as well. Their endless invention and imagination managed to add an exiting layer of creativity and idiosyncrasy to the fascinating universe of fado music.

Rui Horta