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From poetry to artifice, from the magic object to the hidden systems, from harmless distraction to domination, Reindeer Age # 0 investigates what enchant us today. As we enter this era, we are welcomed by the notion of principle, where it all started, what is behind the curtains. And it is about being very specific: it is about becoming a vehicle, a receiver or an intermediary to materialize an intuition. History does not give me the freedom to act, it inserts me into a pre-defined context that tells me that as a human I am inserted in linear time and in the logic of events.
But time is not always linear.
Dante went down to hell. I’m going to the Reindeer Age to find what I thought was separate.

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He attended the Professional School of Performing Arts and Crafts (Chapitô). He debuted as an actor in 2005 with the play “A Mata”, by Artistas Unidos. Between 2006 and 2009 he joined F.I.A in C.E.M (Accompanied Intensive Training), where he participated in several projects with Sofia Neuparth, Peter Michael Dietz, Ainhoa Vidal, Mariana Lemos, Carlos Zingaro, Vitor Rua, Thienry Simões, among others. In 2006 he performs his first solo “São Ualocin” at the Pedras d ́Água Urban Festival. In 2007 he works as an actor at Karnart, for the show “Visões Sobre Cemitério de Pianos”, staged by Luis Castro. Between 2009 and 2012 he attends the Theatre and Cinema Lisbon School. In 2010 he participates in the show “This Life is not Yours” written by Miguel Castro Caldas and staged by André Teodósio. In 2011 he participates in the show “Antes Que Tudo Acabe”, staged by Tiago Vieira. In 2012 he collaborates with Francisco Salgado in the creation of “Montra” and integrates the cast of actors at the National Theater D. Maria II until 2015. Between 2016 and 2017 he collaborates with Ana Rita Teodoro for the plays “Palco” and “Pavilhão”. He currently lives between Berlin and Lisbon. In Berlin, he completed his Masters in Solo / Dance / Authorship (SODA) at the Inter-University Center for Dance Berlin (HZT / UDK). In 2018 he developed and presented the show “What Is Already Here” at the Ponderosa Artistic Center, within the framework of the Ponderosa Tanzland Festival, in Berlin. In November 2019 he performed the show Reindeer Age #0 at Uferstudios in Berlin.
He has continued to carry out his work developing projects through artistic practices, meetings and shows that question and frame the notion of Magical Thinking associated with the notions of Worlding and New Materialism.

Concept and choreography Bernardo Chatillon
Performers Bernardo Chatillon, Matthieu Ehrlacher e Marc Lohr
Music Marc Lohr
Light design and scenic space André Uerba
Dramaturgy support Mariana Nobre Vieira
Technical coordination Carlos Ramos
Creation support Self-Mistake (ORG.I.A), HZT Berlin (SODA)
Production support Mafalda Miranda Jacinto (Rabbit Hole)
Residency support Trust Colective

© Marion Borriss


A great actor and talented mover, Bernardo presents in PT21 his last work, Reindeer Age #0, a solid performance, full of invention and irony. Supported by an excellent music/peformance from Marc Lohr and the mysterious presence of André Uerba, the piece unfolds between memory and simple construction, as we slowly dive into a poetic world where the mechanics of usual objects becomes unfamiliar, surprising and delightful. Bernardo Chatillon has lived in Berlin for the past few years, where he finished his master degree in performing arts at HTZ Berlin / SODA and where he has been developing his work. On this return, we discovered a work where three interpreters navigate in ironic and subtle piece, supported by simple objects installed in an almost anodyne way but which gradually gain their protagonism. In the end all we witness is the struggle so familiar to human kind between beauty and danger, happiness and pain, actually the field of art unfolding live in front of us. “Dante went down to hell. I’m going to the Reindeer Age to find what I thought was separate” (Bernardo Chatillon).

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