The Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts brings together 17 of the most interesting works in dance, theater and performance, created during the last two years in Portugal, selected by an experienced jury.
In its fifth edition, the PT.17 proposes not only the last works from relevant Portuguese artists, but also reveals the creations of a new generation of emerging ones. Defying and challenging works, breaking boundaries and stretching the limits of experimentation.
    During four days, in the unique atmosphere of the small city of Montemor-o-Novo, and having as the central venue the Convent of Saudação, programmers and directors of theaters and festivals, coming from different countries, are invited to discover new works, as well as the artists behind them, in a relaxed atmosphere of sharing and proximity.
    Despite the crisis and hard times that our country went through, with very little support for the arts, Portuguese artists have shown a remarkable resilience and creativity. In a troubling world going through unpredictable changes, they offer us new and exciting perspectives for art and creation.

Rui Horta / Pia Krämer