BURN (research presentation)
André Uerba


Burn Time is a performative installation for up to 16 bodies were the main action consists of burning threads. The space is dark and the performers are focused on the flame - the light that illuminates parts of their body. Everything is reduced to a slow pace, influencing the way the audience behaves and moves through the space. When they come in, from the outside – with the pace of they’re lives – they should feel that what’s happening inside is something else, something with other tempo, a sort of meditative state. In a time of ongoing existential and distracting "wars" between being in present and future projections, Burn Time is a sort of “obligation” to acknowledge the moment and to indulge into the “here and now".

Concept/ Direction André Uerba Dramaturgical Advice Thomas Schaupp Sculptures André Uerba Production Short Hope Residency support O Espaço do Tempo Upcoming Residencies PACT Zollverein Acknowledgements Clément Layes, Jasna Layes Vinovrski, Nicolas Woche, Vasco Mosa, Ricardo Marques
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