António Torres, Bárbara Carlos e Maurícia | Neves


[Eating bread and drinking wine are interminglings of bodies; communing with Christ is also an intermingling of bodies, properly spiritual bodies that are no less "real" for being spiritual. But the transformation of the body of the bread and the wine into the body and blood of Christ is the pure expressed of a statement attributed to the bodies.] (DELEUZE; GUATTARI, 1995).

In an out off balance square, and mixing Catholicism, Pornography and Fitness as means of overcoming and in extremis cult, three characters stand out. The characters use the body as a portrait of these industries that move masses and throw them in different “squares”. Through a folie a trois, the kitsch and the trinity, these bodies long for an absolution.

Co-creation Bárbara Carlos, Maurícia | Neves Artistic Moderation António Torres Interpretation and Costumes António Torres, Bárbara Carlos, Maurícia | Neves Muical Editions Maurícia | Neves Photography and video Catherina Cardoso and João Catarino Light design Vasco Mosa Support (production) Tânia Guerreio (ORGIA) Artistic Residencies EIRA, Musibéria, Devir CAPA, O Espaço do Tempo
Age rate M/12 Duration 1h
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