Photo Fabian Andres Cambero

We're all
We are all like little fishes
Inside A small ball made of glass
And God
God is like a shark
who's in charge of us / I guess
We're all
We are all like small fishes
Trying to not drown
And God
God is like a big brother
He watch us going up
and down
We're all
We're all like little fishes
God can be the fisherman
Is a huge huge fan of sushi
And when someone is fished
We say amen
We all Swim without stopping
Going to the nowhere land
And God
Is a giant octopus
Older than the old Big Ben
He Likes to ask a lot of us
But we are only small small tiny fishes
And so
Cause we all have fish memories
In the end we are just like small Bitches
Oh God you are a shark, a giant shark
We are small small small tiny little fishes
A shark an omnipresent shark a silver shark a life guard of a bunch of bitches

Music and lyrics: Jonas&Lander

Created by Jonas&Lander Performed by Jonas Lopes and Lander Patrick, Lewis Seivwright Costume Design Carlota Lagido from ideas by Jonas&Lander Lighting Design Carlos Ramos Digital Animation Web4Humans Sound Design Lander Patrick Management [PI] Produções Independentes | Tânia M. Guerreiro Co-production Teatro Maria Matos and Centro Cultural Vila Flor Artistic residencies O Espaço do Tempo, Alkantara (PT), Centro Cultural Vila Flor (PT), Centro de Experimentação Artística no Vale da Amoreira/Câmara Municipal da Moita, Artemrede/Projeto Odisseia (PT), DeVIR/CAPa (PT), Câmara Municipal de Lisboa/Polo Cultural | Gaivotas Boavista, PACT Zollverein (GR), Sín Culture Centre Budapeste (HU), Graner/Mercat de les Flors (SP), Nave (CL). Support for internationalization Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (PT).
Produções Independentes is financed by the Ministry of Culture / Direção Geral das Artes
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