Miguel Castro Caldas

This piece has the nature of an essay, an experiment, an investigation; its matter is the exploration of one of theatre’s limits: the text. The text is made available alongside its representation on the stage; thus, the spectators can switch back and forth between reading and watching the performance. One key concern of this project is this particular gap betweeen seeing and reading. Even if reading is also, and simultaneously, seeing, to read implies a kind of blindness – one can only read if one loses sight of letters, words, sentences, the text; one only gains access to meaning by freeing oneself from form. This project operates precisely in that gap: between reading and seeing, between the book and the stage, in the folds of the spectators’ flickering attention, between the lifting and dropping of their heads, the swing of their necks. One could claim, then, that it inquires into the visibility of the theatrical text, including the stage directions – that voiceless speech that choreographs all that you see on the stage.
Direction and text Miguel Castro Caldas Conception Miguel Castro Caldas, Lígia Soares e Filipe Pinto Set, video and costumes Filipe Pinto Co-creation and acting Lígia Soares, Miguel Loureiro e Tiago Barbosa Co-creation, music and lights Gonçalo Alegria
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