Lígia Soares

photo Daniel Pinheiro (up);
Cláudia Morais (down)
"Romance" is the result of a residence in January 2015 at malavoadora.porto. The text was then published by Douda Correria and launched in May 2015.
In “Romance” the plural voices and perspectives that are usually part of my work are included in the text as a kind of parody of the current language in the Western world of the XXI century, establishing a relationship between performance and spectator through a device that takes the audience to become the voice that mirrors the performer. The device works through the action of asking the spectator to “say”. This request or command simultaneously becomes a trigger for a relationship between the spectator and the performer and also a way to create fictional dialogues between spectators.
This performative device contains in itself the power and the risk of speaking with words of others, creating strong games of identification and repulsion through what is being said.
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